Can orthodontic treatment save money in the long run?

A lot of people consider the expense of orthodontic treatment before deciding to move forward. Sometimes the long-term benefits seem unclear and treatment seems like a big investment! What some people don’t realize is that orthodontic treatment can actually save you money in the long run!

When your teeth are straight, they are easier to clean. Cleaning between crooked and crowded teeth can be quite difficult, increasing your risk of cavities and even periodontal disease. Thus, more dental work needed.

Another benefit of orthodontic treatment is bite correction. When your teeth and bite align properly, your teeth are less likely to wear down. This minimizes the need for expensive treatments like crowns, bridges, and dental implants. In some cases, misaligned bites can also be related to chronic headaches, sleep issues, and speech concerns. Getting the bite corrected with orthodontics can help save the expenses associated with these issues.

Best of all, a confident and healthy smile can improve your overall lifestyle. At Larson Orthodontics, we are happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation to review customized treatment options and find a payment plan that works for you. We can also verify orthodontic benefits on your dental insurance plan and help you maximize the benefits your policy provides. Flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts can be used for orthodontics and we are happy to assist you with that process. If you’d like to learn more, please call our office at 715-514-3333 or schedule an appointment online.

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