Let’s get to know each other

Your first visit to our office will include a free examination. One of our orthodontists will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and jaws for a variety of orthodontic issues. A medical/dental history, clinical examination, pictures of your teeth, X-rays, and a digital scan of your teeth are often included in order to create a customized treatment plan.

Make your first visit a positive one

The more information we have about you or your child ensures we can make the most accurate and comprehensive treatment and financial plan for your family. We can check insurance benefits at any time, but recommend sending us your insurance information prior to your first visit so we can verify orthodontic benefits before your arrival. Submitting this information online will save time at your first visit with us.

Easy financing

Depending on your specific needs, the cost of orthodontic treatment may vary. We’ll go through the cost of your treatment as well as payment plan options during your appointment so you can make the best decision for your family. Our team is available to assist you with your insurance claims and paperwork at any time. Most major credit cards and insurance types are also accepted at our office.

Common Questions

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