New Location!

We are thrilled to be in our new office building! Our doctors took a thoughtful approach with office design and kept you in mind with each and every detail. Here are a few highlights!!

  1. Reception Lounge
    You will feel warm and welcomed by our team in a relaxing atmosphere when you walk through our doors. Make yourself at home and relax in our reception lounge. During the cool months, you can curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa by our fireplace. Feel free to study or catch up on work, or even have a bite to each at our bistro tables.
  2. Calm, Comfortable Treatment Environment
    With panoramic windows spanning the office, you can feel relaxed and watch the changing seasons during the course of your orthodontic treatment. Our private consult rooms create a space for you to feel comfortable during your initial exam appointment. Our clinic offers private treatment rooms and semi-private treatment spaces with full floor to ceiling glass dividers, offering various levels of privacy for patient comfort.
  3. Games
    Check out our virtual playground! Our floor projector gaming system is like a giant tablet for you to play on, get your feet moving, and get your energy out! Our gaming system isn’t just for kids; you’re never too old to have fun!
  4. Clean and Sterile
    As always, sterilization and safety are top priorities at Larson Orthodontics. Our new clinic features a state-of-the art sterilization center, with even more storage for sterile instrument cassettes, ready and available for appointments throughout the day.
  5. High Tech
    We are committed to continually bringing in the latest and greatest technology to improve patient care. That means an improved patient experience and even better treatment outcomes. In our new office, we added a 3D X-Ray unit (Cone-beam computed tomography – CBCT) to allow even better diagnosis and treatment planning. We continue to offer intraoral scanning for improved comfort and accuracy – we have now been impression-free for over 5 years! We expanded our 3-D printing lab to create a wider range of treatment options for patients, especially those with mild crowding cases who can benefit from a limited treatment plan with in-house aligners. Did you stop wearing your retainer and now have minor shifting of your teeth? You know who you are! This could be an option for you!
  6. Neighborhood
    River Prairie has a family-friendly feel that you can’t help but notice when you are here. When you come see us for your ortho appointments, you can explore our neighborhood and check out the park, splash pad, streams to play in, walking trails, restaurants, and for busy families, you can even schedule grocery pick-up or fill up your car with gas nearby!